Support the Louisa Arts Center during Heart of the Arts by giving funds to the heart of our center, the Cooke-Haley Theater.    We are currently raising funds to Brighten Our Theater with new lighting and also working toward Backstage Upgrades & Refurbishment.  Help us achieve our goal!

If you would prefer your funds go elsewhere, we always have welcome supporters to Sponsor an Event, or donations for other areas of the Art Center.

Theater Fund Goals - If we raise $30,000, we will receive a matching $30,000 grant from The Perry Foundation.  We are almost there.  Please help!

$60,000 - Cooke-Haley Theater Lighting Upgrades: Brighten Your Life By Brightening Our Theater

$3,000 - Backstage Upgrades & Refurbishment


Jewel Performance Sponsorships

Suggested Amounts

Movie Sponsorhip

Suggested Amounts

General Donation Fund


Special Project Funds

Art Programming Fund

$100 - A month of Art Supplies  
$1,200 - A Year of Art Supplies!


Gallery Fund

$3,000 - Painting the Gallery


Arts Bus Fund - Operational Costs & Maintenance  (Gas, Driver, Insurance/Taxes)

$500 -  A Month
$6,000 - A Year


LaVahn and Mary Frances Hoh Scholarship Fund

This fund ensures each and every child has the opportunity to attend any of our youth programs, classes, events, and summer camps with their friends. We want all children to have an equal opportunity to participate, regardless of their family's financial situation.


Legacy Brick Sponsor

Legacy Bricks make up the fabric of our terrace just outside the Louisa Arts Center. This terrace is the location of many of our events and programs, including Music & Wine events throughout the summer. When you sponsor a Legacy Brick, you will put a lasting mark on our Center.

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